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Readymade Mushroom Blocks

Readymade Mushroom Blocks Now buy readymade mushroom blocks from Biobritte Agro. These blocks are in ready to fruit condition. Means you can simply buy mushroom block from us and water it and get mushrooms in 3-4 days. These mushroom blocks comes in 5 kg sized mushroom blocks packed in pp bags. It can be also delivered to long distance. For Pricing and import contact Phone: +91-9923806933

Fresh Milky Mushrooms

Fresh Milky Mushrooms   Ø Now buy Fresh milky mushrooms from biobritte agro. Fresh milky mushrooms are commonly called as milky white mushroom. It is edible mushroom which is popularly used for making mushroom pickles as it is fiber rich mushrooms. Buy farmfresh mushrooms from us.       Ø Milky mushrooms are called ‘milky’ for their white color. They are the only mushroom species that is both native to and cultivated in, the hot moist climate of India.   Ø Milky mushrooms are also known as ‘Swetha’ mushrooms and are rich in nutrients, have a good shelf life and are the only fungus that can be cultivated in the tropics.   Ø They are one of the low-cost varieties to grow and are quite big in size.   Ø Milky mushrooms generally grow from dust-like particles known as spores, which develop into a mass of thick white tangled threads called mycelium.   Ø Mushroom spawn is basically grain permeated with the mushroom mycelia. And from the mycelium emerges an upward-growing umbrella-shaped cr

Dry Ganoderma mushrooms

Dry Ganoderma mushrooms  (Ganoderma lucidium) Ganoderma mushrooms or Ganoderma lucidium are used in asian countries which is used for longevity of life. It is used in traditional medicines in Japan and China. It is also called as reishi or lingzhi mushrooms. Now buy Ganoderma mushrooms from Biobritte Agro. For Pricing and import contact Phone: +91-9923806933

Fresh King Oyster Mushrooms

Fresh King Oyster Mushroom The scientific name for king oyster mushrooms is pleurotus eryngii. Also called as king trumpet mushrooms. Buy king oyster mushrooms from Biobritte Agro. For Pricing and import contact Phone: +91-9923806933

Fresh Yellow Oyster Mushrooms

Fresh Yellow   Oyster  Mushrooms (pleurotus citronopileatus) These are exotic mushrooms which are having slightly sweet juice and bright yellow look. Buy Yellow oyster mushrooms from biobritte agro.  For Pricing and import contact Phone- +91-9923806933

Export Quality Dry Oyster Mushrooms

Dry  Pleurtus Sajorcaju /Grey Osyter Now Buy 100% Organic dry oyster mushrooms from Biobritte Agro. We do not use any chemical for growing mushrooms. Pack Size: 1000 Gram/1 Kg Packing: Box Shelf Life: 6 months or more Type- Grey Oyster Price- 1000 Rs/Kg Benefits of Oyster Mushrooms Lower Cholesterol Levels Alleviate Inflammation Packed with Antioxidants May Block Cancer Growth Boost Brain Health For Bulk order please contact 9923806933 For Pricing and import contact