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For Mushroom Training and Mushroom Seeds please contact Mushroom Learning Center, Jaysingpur,Kolhapur. phone: 9923806933/9673510343/9890425168

India is primarily agriculture based country blessed with a varied agro-climate, abundance of  agricultural waste and manpower, making it most suitable for cultivation of all types of  temperate, subtropical and tropical mushrooms. It can profitably be started by landless  farmers, unemployed youths and other entrepreneurs. It requires less land as compared to other  agricultural crops and is basically an indoor activity. These are the ideal tools for recycling the  agricultural wastes which otherwise may pose problem of disposal and atmospheric pollution.    Therefore, mushroom cultivation is not only of economic importance but also has important  role to play in integrated rural development programme by increasing income and self  employment opportunities for village youths, woman folk and housewives to make them  financially independent. For Mushroom Training and Mushroom Seeds please contact Mushroom Learning Center, Jaysingpur,Kolhapur. phone: 9923806933/96735

Mushroom Training in Kolhapur

   Training Dates in December 2018 2  December  2018-   One Day  Oyster Mushroom Training Content:  What is Mushroom,  Introduction to Oyster Mushrooms, Types of Oyster Mushrooms, Cultivation procedure, Marketing and Business Options.  Practical & Visit to Commercial Mushroom Plant Certificates will be provided at the end of Training.         Time-  10.00 AM to 4.00 PM   Place-  11 th Lane Jaysingpur, Kallppa Plaza,         Above Adinath bank          Get Direction- UPCOMING TRAININGS Milky Mushroom Cultivation Shiitake  Mushroom Cultivation Button Mushroom Cultivation

Personalized Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Training Program

Yellow Oyster Mushrooms-Pleurotus citrinopileatus-Mushroom Learning Center Kolhapur-9923806933

Yellow Oyster mushrooms have daffodil yellow, petal-shaped caps with ivory white stems. The cap is smooth and often convex with age. The margin can be smooth with a slight wave. The flesh is white and can be thin or thick depending on size, regardless its texture maintains a meaty and melting quality. The aroma is fruity and reminiscent of an aged red wine, a quality that permeates with cooking. The mushrooms' stem is short, often horizontal as it emerges perpendicular from its wooded host. The stems can be somewhat bitter. Yellow Oyster mushrooms are very fragile; handle with care.  Seasons/Availability Cultivated Yellow Oyster mushrooms are available year-round, whereas wild Yellow Oyster mushrooms can be found in the fall and winter months.  Current Facts Yellow Oyster mushrooms are scientifically classified as Pleurotus citrinopileatus, though they have also been classified under Pleurotus Cornucopiae and according to recent research should actually be categorized as a varietal