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Buy Button Mushrooms in Jaysingpur, Kolhapur, Sangli

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Mushroom Cultivation Benefits

The Importance of Mushroom Cultivation Nutritional value Protein content, 3-7% when fresh and 25- 40% when dry. Contain all essential amino acids, amides and lysine. Medicinal value Consumption of mushrooms slows down the spread and effect of cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS (by boosting immune system). Income generation and Employment creation. Advantages of Mushroom Growing Use of idle structures, Involvement of small initial capital, Possible production all the year round Use of Agricultural waste as substrate- mostly waste materials from farms, plantations or factories. Is a Biodegrader hence environmental con-server. Consumption benefits of mushrooms. Contain all essential amino acids Has Vit.C, cynocobalimin (Vit,B12) content found only in animal products Low in sodium ideal for people with heart and kidney ointments. Have iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and folic acid. Challenges in Mushroom Growing Lack of skills on mushroom production Spawn is expensive and quality not gua

Mushroom Training in Kolhapur

Mushroom Training on 10 June 2018 at Jaysingpur, Kolhapur ,Sangli

Mushroom Nutrition: Outstanding Fungal Benefits

Discover More... See more infographics Mushroom Nutrition: Discover Outstanding Fungal Benefits The earth’s soil is home to large populations of natural agents that help promote the environment. One of them is the fungi mushroom, which helps restore pollution-damaged habitats, acts as natural pesticides, and even provides a sustainable fuel called Econol. While mushrooms have the ability to support Mother Nature, they are also capable of promoting your own health, from helping strengthen your immune system to preventing debilitating diseases. Some benefits that you may enjoy from consuming mushrooms are: Weight management  – One study showed that substituting red meat with white button mushrooms may support a healthy weight. Improved nutrition  – Adding more mushrooms to your diet may help improve diet quality. Optimal vitamin D levels – Eating certain mushroom species is seen in a study to be more effective than taking vitamin D2 supplements. Optimal digestive function  – Mushrooms su