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मश्रूम उत्पादन चालू करा आणि उद्योजक बना -MUSHROOM TRAINING IN KOLHAPUR, SANGLI, KARAD

मश्रूम उत्पादन चालू करा आणि उद्योजक बना याचे फायदे: • कमी जागेत जास्त फायदा • जास्त मागणी  • चांगला दर इतर भाजी पाल्यापेक्षा • कमी कष्ट • कमी गुंतवणूक • अंदाजे तीनपट फायदा • शेतीला जोडधंदा म्हणून करा मश्रूम लागवडीबद्दल माहितीसाठी संपर्क साधा फोन करा-9923806933 आमच्याकडे oyster मश्रूम ट्रेनिंग उपलब्ध आहे ३ जून २०१८ - ११.०० सकाळी ते ४.०० संध्या. ठिकाण- ११ वी गल्ली जयसिंगपूर, कल्लापा प्लाझा, तिसरा मजला टीप- लवकरच आम्ही मश्रूम विकत घ्यायला सुरु करणार आहोत त्यामुळे लवकरच या संधीचा फायदा घ्या. कोणासाठी- शेतकरी बंधू, विद्यार्थी, आणि बेरोजगार तरुण व तरुणी. आमच्याकडे ट्रेनिंग घेतल्यास आम्ही मश्रूम लागवडीसाठी हि मदत करतो. मश्रूम च्या बिया आमच्याकडे स्वस्त दरात आहेत.

Oyster Mushroom Benefits: mushroom training in Kolhapur

Uses for Oyster Mushrooms In alternative medicine, oyster mushrooms are said to help treat the following health problems: atherosclerosis diabetes high cholesterol  respiratory tract infections  In addition, oyster mushrooms are purported to stimulate the immune system and protect against some forms of cancer. Benefits of Oyster Mushrooms So far, few scientific studies have focused on oyster mushrooms. While there's currently a lack of clinical trials testing the effects of oyster mushrooms, some preliminary research shows that the fungus may offer certain benefits. Here's a look at some of the available evidence for oyster mushroom' s health effects: 1)  High Cholesterol Several animal-based studies suggest that oyster mushrooms may help lower your cholesterol and protect against hardening of the arteries. For example, a preliminary study published in  Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology  in 2003 found that oyster mushrooms may reduce total cholesterol l


One Day Oyster Mushroom Training Date - 03 June 2018 Time- 11.00 am to 5.00 pm Content-  What is Mushroom, Oyster Mushroom Cultivation procedure, Business options in Mushroom Growing, Marketing and Practical. Fees:  500 Rs per person 700 Rs (With Certificate) per person For Registrations Call us at: 9923806933 Address:  11th Lane jaysingpur, Kallapa Plaza, third Floor

Mushroom Rice Recipe

    Servings :   4   - 8 people Calories :  261   kcal Author :  Nagi Ingredients 2 - 3   tbsp   olive oil   , separated 30 g / 2 tbsp  butter 750 g / 1.5 lb  mushrooms   , sliced 3 - 5 mm / 1/8 - 1/5" thick (Note 1) 2   garlic cloves   , minced 1   small onion   , finely diced 1 1/2   cups   long grain rice   (Note 2) 2 1/4 cups / 565 ml   vegetable stock / broth   (or chicken) (Note 3) 1 1/2 - 2   cups   sliced green onion / scallions Optional: More butter to stir through Instructions Heat 2 tbsp oil in a large pot over high heat. Add half the mushrooms, and cook for 5 minutes until golden. Season with salt and pepper then remove and set aside (we put these in at the end, mushrooms cooked in rice don't stay as golden). If the pot is dry, another 1/2 - 1 tbsp oil, and add butter. When melted, add onions and garlic. Cook for 30 seconds, then add remaining mushrooms. Cook for 5 minutes or until mushrooms are lightly browned (they won't caramelise as well as the first batch)

Mushroom Training In Jaysingpur , Kolhapur, Sangli, ichalkaranji

Mushroom Training In Jaysingpur , Kolhapur, Sangli, ichalkaranji, Satara, Karad, Ratnagiri, Dapoli, Sindhudurg


COMPETITION FOR BEST IDEA RESEARCH PROPOSAL Call for Proposals June 2018 Competition for Best Idea Research Proposal Please send your Research Proposal to   Rules:  It should be in the area of Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food Technology, Pharma science and microbiology. Format should include: Introduction, Past research, Aims and Objectives, Outline of methodology, expected results, etc. Maximum -8 Pages It should be easy to commercialize and promote human welfare. Only Bachelor's and Master's students are eligible for this award. Best Research proposal will be funded by our company to incubate .  Prize will include money and grants for your research. Your opportunity to work at our R and D centre. Deadline- 25 Aug 2018 


We are looking to hire for Female receptionist .  Is anyone from Jaysingpur and Sangli interested?  please contact us here 9923806933.  Criteria or qualification- Any graduate About our company- Kolhapur Mushrooms engages in growing and distributing mushrooms to food service, retail, and industrial sectors in Kolhapur district. It offers fresh mushroom products, including oyster and other types of mushrooms. We supply oyster and button mushrooms along with consulting businesses to grow mushrooms. We are total mushroom production and supply and business solution. We also provide summer or research project internships for the students of agriculture, biotechnology, food technology, and microbiology.

Mushroom Business Consulting

Our Services Include  Spawn Lab Set up Substrate Preparation and Optimization  Growing Room Set Up // Maintenance Mushroom Production and Mushroom Marketing  Much more...  We are providing on-site consultancy for mushroom growers.  We can help you with lab set up, growing set up.  We can help you in the production of spawn, production of mushrooms.  We are offering all services at cheap service charges.  Consulting Duration of Contract 1 Cost Estimation of Mushroom Units At start of Project 2 Oyster Mushroom Spawn Lab Set Up 1-3 months 3 Oyster Mushroom Growing House Set Up 3-12 months 4 Button Mushroom Spawn Lab Set Up 1-3 months 5 Button Mushroom Growing House Set Up 3-12 months 6 Support and Consultancy for First Three Batches For free of cost Contact us on                 9923806933 /9673510343           9923806933 /9673510343


We are providing on site Mushroom Cultivation Consultancy with Growing room and spawn lab set up in all states of India. We can also provide training for your staff. Features: 1. On site growing room and spawn lab set up (According to your Budget). 2. Training for staff at your company. 3. 6 Months to 1 year support and supervision for your business. 4. We additionally provide leads for your Mushroom Company. 5. We are open nationally and Internationally (In Asian Region). Place: Jaysingpur, District-Kolhapur Certificates will be provided at the end of Training. How to register? Please call on  9923806933 or Contact