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Mushrooms: A treasure trove of invaluable substances | Biobritte mushrooms | Biobritte mushroom company

Mushrooms: A treasure trove of invaluable substances

Rich in Beta-glucans and Terpenes 

Mushrooms contain very high amounts of biological substances useful to health. 

According to scientific studies conducted to date, the "poorest" mushroom, Pleurotus, contains more than 150, while the "richest", Ganoderma, has over 400. 

Most of the active components enhance immune functions. 

Others provide excellent healing effects, rare in nature, that are active in the rest of the body.

Mushrooms: A treasure trove of invaluable substances

In addition to the main families of beta-glucans and terpenes, other very important active ingredients contained in mushrooms are: - nucleotides. 

The main nucleotide is adenosine, an excellent vasodilator that influences the blood vessels of the heart, brain, retina, kidneys, muscles, skin, and, in general, of the whole body. 

Furthermore, it has anti-platelet properties, which can reduce blood viscosity, and is an effective anxiolytic and anti-stress agent, which relaxes the muscles; - some proteins with biological activity. 

In particular, LZ 8, a protein that combats anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction); - substances similar to certain hormones produced by the pituitary, which in women induce the ovaries to produce female hormones, when they are lacking and in men the testes to produce lacking male hormone. 

In addition, they stimulate the adrenal gland with invigorating and anti-stress effects; - tyrosinase, which keeps the skin beautiful and smooth and modulates the production of melanin (the pigment that colors the skin), eliminating skin spots.

Source: Healing with Medicinal Mushrooms. A practical handbook, Dr. Walter Ardigo

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