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Maitake And Prostate Cancer |Maitake Mushrooms And Prostate Cancer | Maitake Prostate Cancer

Maitake And Prostate Cancer |Maitake Mushrooms And Prostate Cancer | Maitake Prostate Cancer

Maitake And Prostate Cancer

A study on mice has shown that an extract taken from the Japanese maitake mushroom can reduce tumor size by 80% and stimulate the immune system.

Another alternative preparation, known as PC-SPES, may be effective against prostate cancer, but in a few patients it causes serious side effects.

With all alternative remedies, patients should talk with their physicians about what they are taking.

Maitake And Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer

  • A study found that the mushroom extract enlarged the prostate. The effect was suggested to be on the prostate stroma, which may be involved in transforming growth factor-beta1 regulation. 
  • Administration of mushroom extract should be considered carefully by those with an enlarged prostate.

Maitake and Prostate Cancer
Maitake Mushroom

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