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Cordyceps mushroom extract powder | Mushroom extract powder | Mushroom powder | MycoNutra® mushroom powder

Cordyceps mushroom extract powder | Mushroom extract powder | Mushroom powder | MycoNutra® mushroom powder

Cordyceps mushroom extract powder

Yes, mushrooms make an excellent substitute for adding savory flavor to meatless dishes.

Did you also know that medicinal mushroom powders may also boost mental function, support your immune system, defend against aging, and so much more?

Cordyceps mushroom extract powder

Indigenous cultures around the world have taken advantage of the power of mushrooms for centuries.

Today, science has started to catch up with plenty of research into the medicinal properties of mushrooms and their extracts.

In fact, pharmaceutical companies extract properties from mushrooms to create powerful medicines. 

Shiitake mushrooms, for example, are used to make anti-cancer, cholesterol, infection-fighting, and immune system drugs.

Yeah, drugs made from shiitake alone are a $75 million market – each year. 

There is good news—you can reap the benefits of medicinal mushrooms at home with powders and extracts.

From hot chocolate, coffee, and smoothies to protein bars, soups, and brownies, you have plenty of options for incorporating mushroom powder into a healthy routine.

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