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Cordyceps Mushroom Company in Meghalaya | Mushroom Company in Meghalaya | Mushroom farm | Mushroom Company in India

Cordyceps Mushroom Company in Meghalaya | Mushroom Company in Meghalaya | Mushroom farm | Mushroom Company in India

Cordyceps Mushroom Company in Meghalaya

Mushrooms not only taste delicious, but they are also a nutritional powerhouse, packed with a long list of nutrients. 

Rich in protein, mushrooms supplements the carbohydrate-rich, protein deficit primarily cereal-based Indian diet. 

Cordyceps Mushroom Company in Meghalaya

The Biobritte mushroom company has all types of cordyceps mushroom products and services.

All types of edible mushrooms contain varying degrees of protein, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. 

These can have various health benefits. 

Factors like the species of the mushroom, its developmental stage, and environmental conditions affect its nutritive values. 

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