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What Are The Healthiest Mushroom To Eat? | Names Of Edible Healthy Mushroom | What Are The Healthiest Mushroom To Buy?

What Are The Healthiest Mushroom To Eat? | Names Of Edible Healthy Mushroom | What Are The Healthiest Mushroom To Buy?

What Are The Healthiest Mushroom To Eat?

You can start reaping the health benefits by incorporating some of these edible mushroom varieties into your diet!


Like many mushrooms on this list, shiitake mushrooms grow naturally in Asian countries.

If you’re looking for a meat replacement mushroom, start with shiitake- it contains nearly all of the same amino acids.

The sterols, eritadenine, and beta glucans in shiitake may help lower blood sugar levels, and fight high cholesterol.

What Are The Healthiest Mushroom To Eat?
Shittake Mushroom


White button mushrooms are some of the easiest mushrooms to find on store shelves.

However, research is showing that white button mushrooms may help fight against tumor growth.

White button mushrooms exposed to UV light are also an amazing source of Vitamin D.

What Are The Healthiest Mushroom To Eat?
White Button Mushroom

Oyster mushrooms are also praised for their potential health benefits.

Not only are they tasty, the texture serves as a perfect meat substitute. (check out these “pork” sliders)

What Are The Healthiest Mushroom To Eat?
Pink Oyster Mushroom


Portobello mushrooms are actually the same species as white button mushrooms- Agaricus bisporus – just a different variety that grows brown instead of white, and is allowed to grow a little longer than typical buttons.

Portabellos are huge- which makes them another favorite meat substitute.

Many of the health benefits of portobello mushrooms come from their high potassium content: 300mg in each mushroom.

What Are The Healthiest Mushroom To Eat?
Portobelo Mushroom

Porcini mushrooms are a little harder to find… since they can’t be cultivated commercially. Fresh porcini’s on the market are all wild-harvested.

However, porcini mushrooms are also super high in ergothioneine which has cytotoxic properties.

In other words, they can help your immune system protect against invading threats.

What Are The Healthiest Mushroom To Eat?
Porcini Mushroom


If you’re looking to consume more B vitamins, look no further than chanterelle mushrooms.

Chanterelles are a reliable source of B vitamins 1, 2, 3, and 5 — all of which your body needs to process other vitamins from food and deliver them to cells.

Again, Chanterelles cannot be commercially grown- so don’t pass them by if you find em’ for sale.

What Are The Healthiest Mushroom To Eat?
Chanterelle Mushroom

Enoki mushrooms were one of the first fungi studied for cancer.

They are also delicious and easy to find in the grocery store.

Like many other mushrooms, Enoki are potential immuno-modulators, and may also reduce cholesterol, hypertension and blood pressure.

What Are The Healthiest Mushroom To Eat?
Enoki Mushroom

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