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Top Mushroom Company in Mauritius | Mushroom Company in Mauritius | Biobritte mushroom company & mushroom lab

Top Mushroom Company in Mauritius

Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited is the world's biggest mushroom cultivation and processing company. 

Biobritte grows different types of mushrooms primarily including Oyster, Ganoderma lucidium, Cordyceps militaris, and others such as Shiitake, Turkey Tail Mushrooms, Lion's Mane mushrooms, Split gill mushrooms, Maitake mushrooms, etc.

Top Mushroom Company in Mauritius

Biobritte grows these mushrooms organically using International Norms. 

Biobritte is also an ISO 22000:2018 FSMS Certified Company along with that HACCP, GMP Norms are strictly Maintained in working procedures. 

Biobritte is also an ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certified Company.

Biobritte's primary Products are

Mushroom Pure Culture supply in Mauritius
Mushroom Supply in Mauritius
Dry Mushroom Supply in Mauritius
Mushroom Powder Supply in Mauritius
Mushroom Capsules Supply in Mauritius
Mushroom Tablets Supply in Mauritius
Mushroom Extract Supply in Mauritius
Mushroom Kit Supply in Mauritius
Mushroom Equipment Supply in Mauritius

Biobritte's Primary Services are

Mushroom Training in Mauritius
Mushroom Cultivation Training Services in Mauritius
Mushroom Consultancy in Mauritius
Mushroom Farm Setup Consultancy in Mauritius
Mushroom Product Consultancy in Mauritius
Oyster Mushroom Consultancy in Mauritius
Ganoderma Mushroom Consultancy in Mauritius
Cordyceps Mushroom Consultancy in Mauritius
Button Mushroom Consultancy in Mauritius

For more details feel free to contact our International customer executive at 

Phone: +919850985511, +919130277943

Whatsapp: +919130277943, +919923806933


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