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Introduction to Trametes (Coriolus) versicolor | Biobritte mushrooms | Biobritte mushroom company

Introduction to Trametes (Coriolus) versicolor

This is a fungus with many synonyms but Trametes is now the accepted genus name. 

The multicolored cap resembles a ‘turkey tail’ and occurs as overlapping clusters on dead logs in most parts of the world. 

Introduction to Trametes (Coriolus) versicolor

This is not an edible fungus but hot water extracts have been used in traditional Chinese medicine from historical times for a wide range of ailments.

Modern studies have produced two extremely important compounds, PSK or “Krestin”, a water-soluble protein-bound polysaccharide, and PSP, a polysaccharide-peptide both derived from mycelial cultures of the fungus. 

PSK has been shown to act directly on tumor cells (cytostatic and cytotoxic) as well as indirectly in the host to boost cellular immunity.

PSK also shows antiviral activity through stimulation of interferon production. 

PSP is a powerful immunostimulant and anti-cancer agent. 

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