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Introduction to Hericium erinaceus Mushroom | Introduction to Lion's Mane Mushroom | Biobritte mushrooms

Introduction to Hericium erinaceus Mushroom

This is an edible mushroom occurring widely in Japan and China, growing on standing and decayed broadleaf trees such as oak, walnut, and beech. 

It can also cause heart rot in standing trees. Originally collected from the wild, it is now extensively grown artificially on logs and sawdust mixtures making this mushroom available all year-round. 

Introduction to Hericium erinaceus Mushroom

It is known in the West as the hedgehog or monkey head fungus and in China as Shishigashida because the fruiting body looks like the head of a lion. 

When air-dried and extracted with hot water it is used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine (Houtou), to promote digestion and general vigour, strength, and general nutrition. 

The polysaccharide from this mushroom has cytostatic effects on gastric, oesophageal, hepatic, and skin cancers. 

Mycelium produced from several Hericium spp. and then extracted with hot water formed the basis of a sports drink named Houtou that was used in the 11th Asia Sports Festival (1990) and is believed to have contributed to the remarkable activities of Chinese players!!

It is anticipated that this mushroom will become an important component in future health foods.

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