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What are White Oyster Mushrooms?

White oyster mushroom is an easily cultivated mushroom appropriate for beginners, because of its vigorous mycelium growth. The mushroom can efficiently compete with other fungi while growing on a substrate and is thus resistant to molds. Caps of the white oyster mushroom are milky white with a silky surface and can grow up to a couple of 10 cm in diameter. For the cultivation of white oyster mushroom, wood can be inoculated either with grain spawn. 

The mushroom is considered as rapidly growing and extremely aggressive fungus. If inoculation is carried out early in the spring and wood is left in a warm and shaded place, mushrooms are expected to grow late in the autumn. Usually, mushrooms start growing when the environment temperature drops, and precipitations are more frequent (most often during the fall). Cultivation on wood is most successful when carried out outdoors, where the spawn has enough fresh air and humidity to develop into mushrooms. 

This kit contains

  • White Oyster Mushroom spawn, 
  • Straw, Bag, 
  • Rubber bands, 
  • Cultivation Guide print

How to use the mushroom kit?

1. Once you receive kit remove mushroom seeds from it and keep at 2-8 degree Celcius.

2. Sterilize the straw using steaming or chemical method as protocols provided in guide.

3. after sterilization add mushroom seeds and pack the bags.

4. Incubate these bags for 15-18 days in a cool place. [Temperature range- 22-27 degree celcius]

5. After 18 days start spraying water.

6. You would receive the first harvest of mushrooms in 24-25 days. [Humidity level-75-90%]

7. Second and third harvest will come after intervals of 10 days.

8. Enjoy fresh mushrooms.

9. Detailed procedure will be available in prints.

Benefits of White Oyster Mushrooms?
  • The oyster mushroom is a common type of edible mushroom.
  • The fungi got their name because they have a shape and color similar to an oyster. They are often consumed as a food, but oyster mushroom supplements are also available.
  • In certain systems of medicine, such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), oyster mushrooms are used to treat a variety of health conditions.
  • Oyster mushrooms provide dietary fiber, beta-glucan, and other ingredients that may boost health.
  • They have a delicate taste and can be used to add flavor to a wide variety of savory dishes.
  • They can easily be found in most grocery stores, making them a smart addition to your diet.
  • Oyster mushrooms are an excellent source of several vitamins, including niacin (providing 21% of your recommended daily intake), riboflavin (18%), and pantothenic acid (11%).
  • You'll also get smaller amounts of folate, vitamin B6, and thiamin.
  • Minerals in oyster mushrooms include phosphorus, potassium, copper (providing 10% of your daily needs for each), iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and selenium.

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