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Buy Split Gill Mushrooms

About the product

  • Schizophyllum commune is a species of fungus in the genus Schizophyllum. 

  • The mushroom resembles undulating waves of tightly packed corals or loose chinese fan. 

  • Gillies or Split Gills vary from creamy yellow to pale white in colour. 

  • The cap is small, 1–4.5 cm wide with a dense yet spongey body texture. 

  • It is known as the split-gill mushroom because of the unique longitudinally divided nature of the gill producing basidospores, which often splits when they dry out and moistened into gills as they shed into spores.

Common Name: Split Gill Mushrooms

Scientific Name: Schizophyllum commune

How to use this product: You can use this mushroom for culinary purpose. Make soup. Make fry.

Specifications: Fresh Mushrooms, Dry Mushrooms, Powder form

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