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About the product

  • Kuehneromyces mutabilis (synonym: Pholiota mutabilis), commonly known as the sheathed woodtuft, is an edible mushroom that grows in clumps on tree stumps or other dead wood. 

  • A few other species have been described in the genus Kuehneromyces, but K. mutabilis is by far the most common and best known.

  • The clustered shiny convex caps are 6–8 cm in diameter. They are very hygrophanous; in a damp state they are shiny and greasy with a deep orange-brown colour towards the rim; often there is a disc of lighter (less sodden) flesh in the middle. In a dry state they are cinnamon-coloured.

  • The gills are initially light and later cinnamon brown, and are sometimes somewhat decurrent (running down the stem).

  • The stipe is 8–10 cm long by about 0.5–1 cm in diameter with a ring which separates the bare, smooth light cinnamon upper part from the darker brown shaggily scaly lower part. This type of stem is sometimes described as "booted".

  • This species always grows on wood, generally on stumps of broad-leaved trees (especially beech, birch and alder), and rarely on conifers.

Common Name: sheathed woodtuft

Scientific Name: Kuehneromyces mutabilis, Pholiota mutabilis

How to use this product: Culinary mushrooms

Specifications: Mushrooms, mushroom spawn, mushroom seeds

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