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Buy Hypsizygus tessulatus-Buna shimeji mushrooms

About the product

  • Buna shimeji (Hypsizygus tessellatus) is an edible mushroom native to East Asia.

  • It is cultivated locally in temperate climates in Europe, North America and Australia and sold fresh in super markets. 

  • In nature, shimeji are gilled mushrooms that grow on wood.

  • Most often the mushroom is found on beech trees, hence the common name, Beech Mushroom.

  • They are often small and thin in appearance and popular in many nations across the world.

  • Bunashimeji is not only flavorful but also high in nutrition. A single package of Bunashimeji provides a significant source of Pantothenic Acid (15% RDV), Riboflavin (15% RDV), Thiamin (10% RDV) and Potassium (8% RDV). 

  • It is also cholesterol and sodium free in addition to low in calories.

Common Name: Bunashimeji mushrooms

Scientific Name: Hypsizygus tessulatus

How to use this product: Edible mushrooms, culinary uses 

Specifications: Mushrooms, mushroom seeds, culture

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