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Buy Ganoderma applatum mushrooms


About the product

  • Ganoderma applanatum is a wood-decay fungus, causing a rot of heartwood in a variety of trees.

  •  It can also grow as a pathogen of live sapwood, particularly on older trees that are sufficiently wet.

  •  It is a common cause of decay and death of beech and poplar, and less often of several other tree genera, including alder, apple, elm, buckeye and horse chestnut, maple, oak, walnut, willow, western hemlock, Douglas fir, old or sick olive tree and spruce.

  • G. applanatum is a medicinal farming crop that is used as a flavor enhancer in Asian cuisine. 

Common Name: Ganoderma mushrooms, reishi mushrooms

Scientific Name:  Ganoderma applatum 

How to use this product: Edible mushrooms, culinary uses , medicinal mushrooms

Specifications: Mushrooms, mushroom seeds, culture, mushroom powder

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