Ways To Use Mushroom Powder

There are plenty of ways for you to use mushroom powder. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Below are some of the most convenient methods to get you started on your mushroom powder power trip.
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1. Add It to Your Coffee And Tea
Mushroom coffee is kind of a big deal right now. While some can’t get enough its bold flavor in a morning cup of joe, you might want to consider adding oat milk or coconut creamer to dilute any mushroom flavor. Try these tasty options that mask any earthy pungency: 

2. Shake It Up in Smoothies

You might think that adding mushroom powder to a smoothie is a recipe for disaster, but nothing could be further from the truth. Try using a small scoop (about a gram) in one of these must-try recipes:

3. Cook With Mushroom Powder

Aside from your hot and cold beverages, adding mushroom powder to your everyday foods is a convenient and effective way to gain the health benefits with virtually no effort. 
Add some to your stir-fries, soups, salads, and pasta dishes for a hint of flavor. Mix it into your seasonings and sauces for chicken, meatloaf, tofu, tempeh, or hamburger patties for more flavorful complexity. It even works for sweet dishes, too.
Try it in these mushroom-powered recipes:

4. Consider Capsules

If you’re still not sure about adding mushroom powder to your food and drinks, then consider taking it in capsule form. Some people prefer mushroom powder capsules because it provides an exact dosage vs. sprinkling it on food or beverages.
You can easily find encapsulated mushroom powder online and in stores. Just be sure to follow the same precautions as you would when shopping for powdered extracts.
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