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Buy Dry Sliced Porcini Mushrooms-Boletus edulis- from Biobritte India

About the product

  • The name porcini means "piglets" in Italian. They're also known as the king bolete, cèpe (in French), Steinpilz (the "stone mushroom" in German), and a host of other fun names from all over the world. The Latin name is Boletus edulis.

  • Dried Porcini mushrooms have smoky flavor that fills the room with its rich fragrance. Only found in the wild, it thrives in coniferous and deciduous woodlands and can grow very large, sometimes weighing over two pounds

  • Porcini mushrooms are particularly sought after during the holidays due to its delicious compatibility with poultry and stuffings

  • Drying porcini mushrooms intensifies their flavor, so a little goes a long way

  • Delicious gourmet porcini mushrooms .

  • Product of India.

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