Cordyceps mushroom supplier Biobritte

  • Expect to see cordyceps in EVERYTHING pretty soon. Medicinal mushrooms are soon to be a 50 Billion Dollar industry and we expect it to be the next boom after cannabis.
  • It's the new (but very ancient) super foods that you are missing out on if you're not taking them on a daily basis. It's a WHOLE KINGDOM, that we are missing out on if we are not taking it on a daily basis.
  • Out of all the medicinal mushrooms...

  • Reishi, Lions mane, and Cordyceps are beginning to take their thrones as the top three medicinal mushrooms people are seeking to weave into their lives.
  • But just as most people cling to their coffee cups, we suspect we will have a new wave of raving cordyceps fans that depend on it just was they would their coffee. Tell your friends about the wonderful benefits of mushrooms and keep spreading the spores!
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