Mushroom learning center-Kolhapur mushroom

  • Mushroom learning center-Kolhapur mushroom is top and renowned mushroom manufacturer in kolhapur which provides different type of mushrooms.
  • mushroom buyer in kolhapur are the hotel businesses, local customers.
  • mushroom business in kolhapur is growing rapidly. total 100 farmers are now.
  • mushroom spawn in kolhapur is supplied by Mushroom Learning Center  Kolhapur.
  • mushroom cultivation training in kolhapur is also provided by Mushroom Learning Center  Kolhapur.
  • oyster mushroom spawn in kolhapur is available at Biobritte agro
  • oyster mushroom price normally between 100 to 200 for fresh mushrooms and for dry mushrooms it is 600-1000 rupees. It depends on quality of mushrooms.
  • oyster mushroom kolhapur is available at mushroom shop jaysingpur or mushroom learning center kolhapur.