Mushroom farm in Gaganbawada, Chandgad, Radhanagri, Kagal

  • Mushroom Business is now fastly growing in outer area of Kolhapur district.
  • There are total 12 farms in Gaganbawda, Chandgad, Radhanagri and kagal town areas.
  • Mushroom learning center kolhapur provides mushroom training , mushroom spawn and mushrooom products(fresh, dry and products) in area of this.
  • Contact us to get oyster mushroom cultivation or growing training.
  • Call us to get mushroom spawn delivered at your door.
  • We have courier facilities for mushroom spawn and mushroom supply.
  • Mushroom farming can be part time business for all.
  • Contact at 9923806933, 9673510343
  • facebook page:

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