Mushroom cultivation in Maharashtra

Mushroom cultivation can be a very interesting hobby with delicious results, that could easily become a profitable small business, due to the low cost of inputs and high value of the crop.
Production costs are low – for example humus-inhabiting species can be grown in coffee grounds that coffee shops would usually be more than happy for you to collect for free. Someone realised that coffee grounds have already been rendered sterile, and contain the cellulose and lignin that mushrooms need – the perfect substrate.
The substrate can be a waste product – like animal manure (although of course this is often used on gardens), or the coffee grounds mentioned above. There are lots of coffee shops and restaurants, there’s quite a lot of waste produced per cup, and millions of cups are consumed every day.
Mushrooms are very good for us. They are healthy and nutritious, and some species have medicinal properties. Reishi bracket fungus has been used to produce a medicinal tea for centuries, and now it’s used alongside conventional treatments for HIV, to help restore the immune system.
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