How mushroom farmer can get profit?

In India, a marginal farmer and small manufacturing units produce Fifty percent of mushroom and the remaining mushroom produce by industrial institutions.
There are two types of mushroom growers in India, seasonal farmers produce in small scale.
While commercial mushroom framer who takes production continue entire year in large scale.
Mostly both develop white button mushroom to your domestic market and export.
The seasonal button mushroom growers are restricted to temperate regions like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, and Kashmir, hilly areas of Uttar Pradesh, hilly areas in Tamil Nadu and North Eastern areas where farmers take 2-3 plants of button mushrooms at a year.
To commercial mushroom farming, required heavy expenditure on the building infrastructure, purchase of machinery and equipment, raw materials, labor, and energy.
It is very important for a mushroom grower to undergo a practically oriented training programme.
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