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Pleurotus ferulae

Pleurotus ferulae

  • Pleurotus ferulae is also
    called as Asafetida, White Elf.  

  • Ferulae Mushroom is larger than
    other Oyster mushrooms. 

  • It is white with sandy beige
    stripes at the surface of its cap and a diameter of 6-12cm and 2-4cm

  • It needs a lot of fresh air to
    grow or it will grow very slowly. 

  • It is also subject to rot if
    the temperature and humidity is too high.

  •  Ideally, the temperature
    should be 46-59 degrees Farenheit. It should be harvested when the caps
    become flat.

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Available in following forms

Fresh mushrooms

Mushroom spawn

mushroom culture

dry mushrooms

Ready to fruit bags

Mushroom powder

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