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Fresh Milky Mushrooms

Fresh Milky Mushrooms

  ØNow buy Fresh milky mushrooms from biobritte agro. Fresh milky mushrooms are commonly called as milky white mushroom. It is edible mushroom which is popularly used for making mushroom pickles as it is fiber rich mushrooms. Buy farmfresh mushrooms from us.
     ØMilky mushrooms are called ‘milky’ for their white color. They are the only mushroom species that is both native to and cultivated in, the hot moist climate of India.
  Ø Milky mushrooms are also known as ‘Swetha’ mushrooms and are rich in nutrients, have a good shelf life and are the only fungus that can be cultivated in the tropics.
  Ø They are one of the low-cost varieties to grow and are quite big in size.
  Ø Milky mushrooms generally grow from dust-like particles known as spores, which develop into a mass of thick white tangled threads called mycelium.
  ØMushroom spawn is basically grain permeated with the mushroom mycelia. And from the mycelium emerges an upward-growing umbrella-shaped crop, called mushroom. 

Important special traits:
  ØHigh Temperature Species
  ØExcellent Shelf Life And No Browning

  Ø High Fiber Content

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