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Blue Oyster Mushrooms-Pleurotus Columbinus

Mushrooms of the Oyster variety are some
of the more commonly consumed mushrooms in the world.

 They are rich in high-quality proteins and amino
acids, B vitamins, vitamin D, iron and potassium. 

Several studies are now showing that they lower cholesterol
due to the presence of statins and lovastatins.

1. Antibacterial

2. Lowers cholesterol

3. anti-cancer

4. Immune booster

Blue Oysters grow in clusters and take on a shelf like

It has white stems with deep blue caps that turn grey as they

 Like many mushrooms, it should be
picked young for consumption as it becomes tougher as it ages and its taste

and smell deteriorate. 

Pleurotus Columbinus is known to be fairly easy to grow

as long as it has plenty of fresh air

 It can grow on dead wood, straw, grass, cotton, cacti,
hemp, coffee waste, paper products amongst other things, making it

a great way to turn your compost into a
mushroom growing substrate. 

It is also a carnivorous mushroom, consuming nematodes which
tend to be a threat to other mushrooms.

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