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Mushroom Cultivation Benefits

  • Nutritional value
  • Protein content, 3-7% when fresh and 25- 40% when dry. Contain all essential amino acids, amides and lysine.
  • Medicinal value
  • Consumption of mushrooms slows down the spread and effect of cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS (by boosting immune system).
  • Income generation and
  • Employment creation.
  • Use of idle structures,
  • Involvement of small initial capital,
  • Possible production all the year round
  • Use of Agricultural waste as substrate- mostly waste materials from farms, plantations or factories.
  • Is a Biodegrader hence environmental con-server.
  • Contain all essential amino acids
  • Has Vit.C, cynocobalimin (Vit,B12) content found only in animal products
  • Low in sodium ideal for people with heart and kidney ointments.
  • Have iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and folic acid.
  • Lack of skills on mushroom production
  • Spawn is expensive and quality not guaranteed
  • Lack of awareness of  benefits of mushroom
  • Traditional beliefs of some communities


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