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Job opportunities in Kolhapur Mushrooms Private Limited

Urgent Hiring for Following posts (Staff for Research and Training)

Company: Kolhapur Mushrooms
Location: Jaysingpur, District-Kolhapur

Sr. No

Assistant Manager
Preferably MBA OR PGDM in Agribusiness management or MSc Agriculture
As per experience and interview
Lab Manager
MSc Biotechnology or Biochemistry.
Experience in wet lab will be preferred
As per experience and interview
Lab Trainee
BSc Agriculture or biotechnology or biology
As per experience and interview
Management Trainee
Enrolled in PGDM or MBA or completed
As per experience and interview
Business Development Officer
MBA preferably.
Experience with marketing or sales is added advantage
As per experience and interview
Lab Assistant
12 th pass
As per experience and interview
10 th pass
As per experience and interview

To apply please send your CV to Email:

We welcome Applications from Freshers and Female applicants specially.

Application Deadline: 20 May 2018

Start Date: 01 June 2018

Selected candidates will be informed by Interview letters on or before 22 May 2018.

For More information Contact on 9923806933

Kolhapur Mushrooms believes in equal opportunities for all. We don’t discriminate based on Gender, Colour, Ethnicity or Cast.

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